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Presentation of Europen Cultural Pens in Hamburg University 2013

This ceremony took place in Avian Africa Institute of Hamburg University on 30th January 2013  with participation of some scholars and cultural figures.


Donation of Ferdowsi Pen to UNESCO

On the occasion of the millenium of composition of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (Book of Kings) which is truly warrior of Persian language and a master piece for all human kind, UNESCO arranged a cultural event with presence of representatives of 192 countries at UNESCO house in Paris on 31st March 2010.

Donation and registration of Cyrus Cylinder Pen in British Museum

Cyrus Cylinder pen is designed to appreciate first chapter of human right by Cyrus the Great, the great king of Persia. This pen is limited to 999pcs worldwide and first sample (No. 000) is donated and registered in British Museum under code EPH358. It is an honor that Cyrus Cylinder pen is kept in treasury of British Museum and beside the Cyrus Cylinder itself.

Donation and display of last Cyrus Cylinder pen in National Museum of Iran

The last Cyrus Cylinder pen with No. 999 is donated to National Museum of Iran and it is our honor that this Museum has considered a display cabin in entrance of Museum and display our donated Cyrus Cylinder pen for public. This donation occured in Ferdowsi Grand Hotel of Tehran and in front of some of Historians and our fellow business partners with exclusive visit of Museum for our guest.