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Cyrus Cylinder

Europen Cyrus Cylinder pen is designed to appreciate first chapter of human right by Cyrus the Great, the great king of Persia. This pen is limited to 999pcs worldwide and first sample (No. 000) is donated and registered in British Museum under code EPH358. It is an honor that Cyrus Cylinder pen is kept in treasury of British Museum and beside the Cyrus Cylinder itself.

  • Each pen is packed in a Europen luxurious and piano polished wooden gift box
  • Fountain pen is convertible to Roller pen by changing front section of pen.
  • Roller pen front section is location beneath Fountain pen in pen box.
  • Pen upper barrel barrels is precisely replicated texts and shapes of Cyrus Cylinder but with glod plating.
  • Each pen is designated a unique serial number. The number is engraved on barrel of pen.
Available In: 
Fountain pen
Roller Pen