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Europen Saadi pens are produced to admire and commemorate Saadi Shirazi, the great Persian poet who is entitled as “Master of speech”.  His master pieces “Bustan” & “Golestan” are admired by many western poets. His works are easy to understand & have been source of proverbs in different languages.
One of the most well-known immortal poetries of Saadi “ Human Beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul” that conveys such deep humane universal concept is precisely engraved on middle ring of pen a long with his name in Persian.

  • Black with Gold trims


  • Each set of Saadi Fountain pen and Ball pen is unique as they are numbered by their own unique serial number on top of the clip.
  • Pen is uniquely designed with a blue gem on top of it to illustrate his tomb.
  • Nib size Medium
  • carries warranty against manufacturing defects for 2 years.


Available In: 
Set of Roller Pen & Fountain Pen